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Stop drinking alcohol completely
The post-30 age is important in terms of family and career. In this age many people become addicted to alcohol to get rid of stress and anxiety. But let us tell you that after the age of 30 your liver and kidney capabilities gradually start the event. That’s why you should stop drinking alcohol completely. Alcohol does not only damage your liver and kidney, but also gives obesity, diabetes and many other serious diseases.

Reduce tea and coffee
People are often addicted to tea and coffee during this age. Tea and coffee contain caffeine. By drinking it for long period, you get addicted to it and have a bad effect on your health. Milk tea is not healthy for you. Instead, drink green tea or lemon tea if you wish. Note that do not drink more than 2 tea in the day. Drinking more tea can lead to high blood pressure, migraine, headaches, indigestion, constipation, etc.

Stuffed with flour and flour
After the age of 30, you should reduce the consumption of foods made from maida. Today, most of the readymade foods available in the market are used in Maida, so it is a little difficult to avoid. With this, you should also eat less wheat flour. In most parts of India, wheat is the main diet. To make bread in the house, use only Mix flour instead of wheat flour, in which the other thick grains like maize, ragi, millet, gram, and asbugol mix. By mixing flour, you reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity. Along with this, it is very fierce for your heart, liver and digestive system.

Reduce out food
Outdoor food makes us feel more confident than eating at home. But the truth is that oil-spices and chemical flavors are used in foods found in fast foods, junk foods and restaurants. After the age of 30 you should greatly reduce the habit of eating outdoors. You must eat a meal made with cleanliness at home. External food is high in fat, which increases the risk of cancer and high cholesterol.

Sugar and sweet things
You should reduce sugar intake much after the age of 30. Sugar content is very high in sweets, chocolates, cold drinks, donuts, tea etc. Sweet things increase the amount of calories in your body. This can be a risk of diabetes and cancer in the long run. Apart from this, obesity and bone loss are also prone to weakness.

Reduce carnivorous diet
If you are non-vegetarian, you should reduce the meat consumption after the age of 30. Meat is a heavy food, which is not easy to digest. Apart from this, consuming too much of red meat and processed meat increases the risk of many diseases. At this age you should consume more and more natural foods like fruits, vegetables, pulses, coarse cereals, nuts etc.

Note that milk is considered beneficial for health, but after the age of 30, you should also reduce the consumption of packaged milk and other foods like milk- cheese, yogurt, cheese etc. Eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can for calcium supply.

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