Do you have Stomach or kidney stones..? Try this..

Our elder people are often have many formulas to treat many illness. You must also have heard the elderly in your house, such as grandparents or grandparents that drinking 3-4 glasses of water in the morning removes all stomach diseases. Do not know how many home remedies we have heard from grandmothers and others. Today, we will tell you some tips from Grandma’s that you can try at home for stomach and kidney stones treatment:

Nuskha No. -1

If you have a stomach in your stomach then take a leaf of stone leaf plant for it and grind it with a few grams of sugar candy. Stoneware is a plant with medicinal properties, which is used in the treatment of kidney and stomach disorders. This is the evergreen plant which is very rich in India. Stone Chatta is considered to be the most effective for the problem of stone in the kidney. According to Ayurveda, it helps a lot in reducing the problem of prostate gland and kidney stones.

Nuskha No. – 2

Soak 3-4 large spices of a cardamom in a glass of water, 1 teaspoon mishri and a bit of melon seeds and drink this water every morning and eat all these things too. In a few days only the stone will be removed.

Nuskha No. -3

Amla also helps remove stone. Eat a spoonful of amla powder every morning for this. In addition to amla, Jamun has been described as effective in treating stones.

Nuskha No. -4

The root of papaya is also very helpful in removing stones. For this, dilute the root of 7-8 grams of papaya well in 1 glass water and then filter it. Now drink this water daily. By doing so, the stone will disappear and it will go out in a few days.

Nuskha No. -5

Keep the stones in the stomach or in the kidneys, but keep one thing in mind that you drink more and more water. Drinking excessive water will drain out the entire dirt in the body and will not be afraid to become a stone. Actually the kidney acts as a filter in the body. When the body lacks water, then the kidney saves the amount of water. Because of this, many other things like calcium, uric acid present in the body can not get out of the body and they take the form of stones

Disclaimer: If the stone cure is not treated at the time, it can take a serious form, so contact the doctor immediately besides home remedies and start the necessary treatment.)

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