Drink more than 6 cups of coffee in 1 day increase risk of heart disease

Regardless of the diseases like headache, depression and type-2 diabetes, it is beneficial to drink coffee and why coffee is your favorite drink, but there is no doubt that any thing is very bad. In a recent study, it has been revealed that if you drink more than 6 cups a day.

Then the risk of heart-related diseases increases by 22 percent. This study has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases, ie heart-related diseases, are the biggest reason for the death of people across the world which can be stopped. In Australia alone, every sixth person is affected by heart disease.

The researcher of the Australian Center for Precision Health Dr. Ang Zou and Alina Hyphenen tried to know through this study that there is a connection between consumption of coffee and heart-related diseases for a long time. Their study proves that consumption of access caffeine poses a risk of high blood pressure, which is a disease of heart disease. Hyphenen says, ‘Coffee is consumed as a stimulant in the world. Drinking coffee drows away, you feel refreshed, the energy level is better and helps in focusing.

But people always ask how much caffeine is considered to be more caffeine. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep your heart and blood pressure healthy so that you limit your coffee intake and drink less than 6 cups of coffee in one day. According to the data we collected in our study, caffeine has a negative effect on cardiovascular system after 6 cups. ‘

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