How to remove dirty germs from our body..?

There are few tips you should follow or do to remove frozen dirt or germs…

Fasting up to 16 hours. Just like if you eat at eight o’clock at night, then eat the next morning at 12 a.m. In the meantime, you have nothing to eat or drink. In the morning, drink water, coconut water or vegetable juice can drink. If you start doing this, then the body-new food will start digesting completely.

Dwelling is very important in our scriptures. Fasting is done in Chaturmas. In Hindu religion, there are many types of fasting throughout the year, such as fasting of the Var, Dusu in the month, Chaturthi, Ekadashi, Pradosha, Amavasya or Purnima fasting. Fasting of Navratri, Shravan month or Chaturmas etc. in the year But most people fast and eat fast food. It is not fasting or fasting. Nothing is eaten in fasting

Dhaoti karma- Four fingers of fine cloth should be made wide and sixteen cubes long should be prepared and boil it in hot water and eat slowly. Account-accounts when fifteen hands go out in the stomach with cloth girth, only one hand is out, then the stomach should be slightly removed, and then gradually remove it from the stomach. Due to this, the dirt, cuffs, etc., drained in the stomach and stomach.

Instruction- Do this by learning from a qualified Yoga teacher. Do not mind. Some people get lemon and sandal mixed with water, by taking the action of vada action ie vomiting, and taking away the filth of the body.

Tips -3
Basti- To practice the yoga yoga, it is necessary to practice Ganesh Kriya first. In Ganesh Kriya, after scouring the oil in your middle finger, and turning it in the anus and rotates it again and again. This removes the filth of the anus and passes and also the practice of anal shrinkage and spread.

When this exercise is done, then stand in the water in a hood or tub and turn the knee a little further and keep both hands firmly on the knees and then pull the water upwards through the anus. When the water is filled in the intestine and stomach, then rotate the stomach a bit, then remove the entire water from the anus again.

Tips-5 Conch shelling – Some people conduct conch shells in its place. After drinking two-three or four glasses of lukewarm water retired from morning-to-day routine, practice vikasan, surpanan, katikkrasan, reverse, avadiyan and nauli. By this there is the velocity of defecation itself. After coming out from the poison, after drinking water in the same way, practice the said asanas and go to defecation. In this way repeated drinking water, asanaana, and after seven to eight times of defecation, after drinking water in the end, the same water when it comes out cleanly in the poison, then the full stomach of the stomach is cleared. . After this, take some rest and relax and rest by laying down all day, after ghee, ghee and light meal. Continue to undo all the work from the second day. This action needs to be done once in two or three months.

Instruction- This action should be done only in the direction of a knowledgeable person. Its practice removes the dirt in the intestines. The special advantage is that all the diseases of gender-anus, etc. are completely eliminated. Many people carry an enema in this place.

Apply wet stripes – it is called water bar. Squeeze the cotton strip on the stomach, on the throat and on the head, soaking it in cold water. With this, blood circulation runs properly, which leads to the discharge of blood in the blood. In Ayurveda, soil is wrapped in wet stripes of cotton, it is wrapped in the stomach, which removes the heat of the stomach and also removes constipation, digestive, indigestion, gas, collagenitis, new inflammation of the stomach, insomnia, fever like fever Are. It also reduces stomach fat. It is a panacea of ​​women’s secretive diseases.

Hint- How to wrap the bandage, how wet and cool it should be, do not wrap in what season, do all this by asking anybody.

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