If you have a tight belt, then caution can be done until you get cancer

Esveryone has a habit of wearing a tight belt. But this childhood can often be a victim of this habit. Binding a tight belt can often lead to a serious illness.

Now you think that wearing a tight belt can lead to the disease. We tell you that we have been searching different types of wearing a tight belt. In which many punching results have come against.,According to a sketch search, thick people or tight belts wear stomach and food tubes tend to be more strained between the valves. Those people have acid
It’s like a ruffle. Acid reflux causes stomach acid to move upwards. This can lead to coughing of the throat cells or after the form of this cancer.
Affected Fertility
This can lead to decreased fertility. This can increase the risk of infertility. In fact, wearing a tight belt puts pressure on the pelvic region, which affects the fertility. This sperm count can be because of less. Besides being pressure around the waist, you may also experience swelling in the legs.
Wearing a Tight Belt You can also make serious havens like Hernia. In the case of Hyalot Hernia, the upper part of the abdomen comes out of diaphragm due to the weakness of their diaphragm. Due to which this can not stop the acid formed inside you. This acid produces inflammation by reaching the abdominal tube Is there. That is why there is inflammation and pain in our chest

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