Improvement in fitness reduces the risk of cancer.

Researchers from the year 1991 to 2009 conducted Exercise Stress Testing of 49,143 adults for this research. The findings of this research show that the likelihood of lung cancer in 77% of people with the most fitness category and 61% of colon cancer was reduced.

This research has been published in a journal called ‘Cancer’. The results of this research have shown that 44% reduction in the probability of their death during the investigation of people with lung cancer who had the highest level of health. As well as those who suffered from colon cancer, people who died in the fitness category reduced the chances of death of people by 89%.

John Hopkins University’s Assistant Professor Catherine Handy Marshall said in the United States, “Our research is one of the largest and most diverse group types to see the effect of cancer on cancerous results. Nowadays people go to the doctor to do fitness testing. Already many people may have the result of this and they are reported about the level of cancer and the level of health. So they already know how important the level of fitness is to stay safe from heart diseases.

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