In summer the watermelon melon may prove to be ‘poison’ in these diseases

Everyone knows that watermelon completes the lack of water in the summer body. There is plenty of water, carbohydrate and fiber in it. Vitamins are also found in watermelon, it does not contain cholesterol, it is also useful for the eyes. Apart from protecting against dehydration, it also protects us from many other diseases. Eat a plate of watermelon every day for plenty of crevices in summer, but do not drink water with watermelon food. But do you know that you can get sick from the excessive consumption of it. Diet and Nutritionist Simran Saini is explaining why watermelon should not be consumed.

Diabetes problem

Because there is a problem associated with diabetes lifestyle, so patients with diabetes have to take special care of their diet. Watermelon contains a large amount of natural sugar. In such cases, if sugar syrup consumes melon excess, then the amount of sugar in their blood will increase. Therefore, patients with diabetes should take a limited amount of watermelon.

People surrounded by heart problems

People with horticultural problems should avoid drinking watermelon. This is because there is heavy potassium in watermelon. Doctor Saini says people with heart problems should not drink watermelon. Because this increases horticulture problem.

People surrounded by kidney problems

Nowadays, kidney problems have become common among people. Kidney problem is also linked to lifestyle. According to doctors, nowadays, it is common for young people to have kidney problems. People suffering from kidney problem should not eat too much because the amount of minerals is high. Therefore, to avoid any serious problem, such people consumed only the amount of watermelon in the amount of watermelon.

Asthma Patient and Watermelon

Asthma is a very serious disease. Therefore, people suffering from this disease should pay more attention to their diet. High intake of watermelon is not right for asthma patients. That’s because amy acids occur in the athma. If the patient consumes excess watermelon then the risk of asthma attack can increase

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