Is Tea Or Coffee good OR bad ?

Some of you who love coffee or after tea only. Regardless of whether you drink anything from these, always keep in mind that the effects of this may affect your health completely. Similarly, black tea, green tea, and lemon tea have a good effect on our bodies, as well as coffee has little effect. Caffeine in it makes it harmless. If you are drinking coffee in excess, this can harm your body more harm than tea.

Both have anti-oxidants
Both have different types of anti oxidants. Where tea is flavonoid, coffee on the other hand is found in quinine and chlorogenic acid. Both of them have the same work and that is to lose free radicals in the body.

The amount of caffeine is more than tea:Coffee is found in double quantities of caffeine

Tea has caffine but lesser :Tea contains caffeine also but coffee is mixed. Even in tea Nicotine caffeine is found, but in coffee caffeine is completely melted, which is more lethal

The best of tea for digestion:If tea is made without sugar and milk it is better than coffee for the stomach.

Protection against coffee and tea cancers:Tea drinkers can get protection against fetal and breast cancer, on the other hand, coffee drinkers can get protection against liver cancer

Caffeine Poison :Drinking more coffee leads to caffeine poisoning and has a bad effect on the central mechanism. As well as insomnia, restlessness and headache problems also arise. Even here there is fear of abortion. There is not anything from tea.

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