What is schizophrenia and its symptoms, how sprout broccoli can help?

Some particularly specialized symptoms are found in patients of schizophrenia, called catatonic. In this person does not move much and does not follow any instructions. At its peak, these people copy the excessive and strange sound of the motor’s activities. It is called catatonic excitement.

Researchers say that the symptoms of schizophrenia can be reduced by chemicals found in sprouted broccoli. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University of America have claimed this since 81 people tested for two years. They say that with the help of this, such treatment of schizophrenia can be developed. Schizophrenia is a psychiatric one because of which a person lives in a fantasy world. Regular intake of broccoli or cabbage can get rid of digestive problems. In this, the mixture containing the intestines is found healthy. The mixture found in broccoli strengthens the immune system. The digestive system is also disturbed when the intestine is healthy.

According to researchers, the person facing the symptoms of schizophrenia becomes deficient in the brain called glutamate. This chemical plays an important role in the communication between the brain cells. After the experiments conducted on mice cells of mice, scientists say that sulfurfen chemicals extracted from germinated broccoli will be helpful in balancing its quantities.

Treatment of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a condition that lasts all life, although catatonic symptoms are not always necessary. Patients with schizophrenia need treatment on a permanent basis; Even when the symptoms disappear and the patient starts to feel they have become better. All types of schizophrenia are treated in the same way. Depending on the facts, severity and symptoms of the disease, its treatment methods can be different.

Symptoms of schizophrenia

Cadetonic schizophrenia is now less likely to be compared to earlier medication due to Marden technology. Instead of schizophrenia, catatonic is seen more in mental illnesses such as neurodevelopmental (a condition that affects the development of the nervous system of the child), psychotic bipolar, and depressive disorder. Catatonia’s patient can be seen between high and low motor activity. Due to the modern technology, patients of catatonic schizophrenia are easily able to understand their symptoms, making their life better than before.

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